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Video of Stone and Space, one of the songs from the inside track

Video of Merry Christmas 2020, one of the songs from World of Love

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I Am 

is a music video​ about the interconnectedness of each of us to each other and to all things. It was inspired by the book “Understanding Our Minds” by Thich Naht Hanh.  In the book, Thich talks about a Buddhist teaching: “the one is in the all, and the all is in the one”. He gives the example of a flower - that it is actually made up of clouds, soil and sunshine. This got me thinking about the words Jesus spoke when he handed bread to his disciples: “Take: this is my body”. Those words were always a little bewildering to me. But in the light of interconnectedness, they are not bewildering at all. They make perfect sense. Hope you like it. By the way, at the end, there stands a blurry, younger me strumming a guitar in the middle of a group of musicians and friends looking for the harmony of the one.